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Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filters

An automatic backwash filter is one of self cleaning filters.

An automatic backwash filter is suitable for filtering particulate impurities of high flow, high velocity, low viscosity fluid Filtration.

YUBO manufactures a wide range of Self Cleaning Filter housing products to meet your needs for liquid filtration. Our Self Cleaning Filter Systems are designed to be excellent for use in the filtration of liquids in various industries. We manufacture high-quality self-cleaning systems with leading designs and are modifiable based on user needs and drawing specifications.

Technical parameter

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Product Model

Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filters

Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filters

Normal manual filters often get clogged when filtering viscous materials and soft impurities. Automatic backwash filters can easily solve such problems and keep the filter element clean. Therefore, automatic backwash filters can replace traditional manual filters in many fields.

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Applications Of Automatic Backwash Filters Systems

Backwash Self Cleaning Filter housing application

1. Industrial Manufacturing: 

2. Water Treatment

3. Food and Beverage

4. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

5. Viscous Liquid Filtration

6. Oil & Gas & Chemical Industrial filtration

Functionality of Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filters

Backwash Self Cleaning Filter housings how to work

Filtration Stage:

During the filtration stage, the fluid medium passes through the filter element in either an inside-to-outside or outside-to-inside direction. As the medium flows through the filter, it encounters the filter element's surface, which acts as a barrier, capturing and retaining dirt particles. The filtered and cleaned medium continues its journey and exits through the filter outlet.

When the differential pressure across the filter element reaches a predetermined threshold, a signal is transmitted from the differential pressure indicator to the control unit. This threshold indicates that the filter has accumulated a sufficient amount of contaminants and it's time for the cleaning process to commence.

Backflushing Phase:

stainless steel Backwash Self Cleaning Filters

Upon reaching the set differential pressure level, the differential pressure indicator sends a signal to the control system, which then initiates the backwashing process. The primary goal of backflushing is to remove the accumulated dirt particles from the filter element's surface, thereby rejuvenating its filtration capacity.

During the backflushing phase, a reversal of flow occurs. The filtered fluid, either the same medium as being filtered or an external flushing medium such as compressed air or service water, is introduced. This reversed flow dislodges and dislodges the trapped particles from the filtration surface. By directing the flow in the opposite direction, the dirt particles are effectively dislodged and carried away from the filter element.

The backflushing process ensures that the self-cleaning filter maintains its filtration efficiency and continues to operate optimally. By periodically removing accumulated contaminants, the filter extends its lifespan and minimizes the risk of clogging, thus enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the filtration system.

Self-cleaning filters undergo a two-stage process to ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of the filtration system. The initial filtration stage captures dirt particles, and the backflushing phase utilizes reversed flow to dislodge and remove these particles from the filter element. This automated process helps to maintain consistent filtration performance and prolongs the filter's lifespan, making self-cleaning filters a valuable asset in various industrial applications.

Why Choose Our Automatic Backwash Filter?

Backwash Self Cleaning Filters factory

1. On-line filtration without stopping: automatic continuous online filtration, cleaning the filter elements one by one during backwashing, while other filter elements continue to work, achieving uninterrupted filtration and reducing production and maintenance costs

2. Large filtration area: multiple filter elements inside, the number of filter elements is 5~86, the effective filtration area is 5~8 times the inlet area, low surface velocity, low-pressure drop energy consumption, fine filtration, low recoil frequency, and backwash intensity High efficiency, good effect, short time consumption, saving liquid.

 3. High-efficiency filter element: wedge-shaped wire structure filter element, uniform filter gap, high-efficiency backwash, high-strength structure, filtration accuracy up to 20 microns, can use 304, 316L, 2205/2507, C276, Ti, and other materials to meet different filtration requirements fluid

4. Compact structure: a single machine can achieve ultra-large flow filtration, the flow rate can reach 4000M³/H, saving installation space and construction costs, with no need for a large number of automatic valves, connectors, seals, low operation and maintenance costs

5.Easy operation: simple and friendly human-computer interaction interface, intuitive and easy to operate. A PLC control system is adopted, which has high reliability and ensures efficient operation of the filter.

YUBO-One of the leading industrial  Backwash Self Cleaning Filters factories in China

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